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Facial Lifting EMS Massage Device with LED Photon Therapy Face Slimming Vibration Massage

Facial Lifting EMS Massage Device with LED Photon Therapy Face Slimming Vibration Massage

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Give your face the extra lift and shape with the Intelligent EMS V Face Massager!   

It rejuvenates and tightens your skin, allowing it to reach its true potential! It also stimulates and shapes your face for the Perfect V Shape!

Features 2 Skin Stimulant Modes

  1. Blue Light Mode calms and sterilizes the skin, shrinks pores, and makes the skin tighter!
  2. Red Light Mode helps improve blood circulation to your skin, helping it get the nutrients it needs to look and feel its best!
Each light deeply penetrates the skin! Blue Light penetrates the dermis, the top layer of the skin. 
It is responsible for brightening your skin and shrinking your pores. 
As the Red Light penetrates the epidermis, which is deeper than the dermis. 

It improves blood circulation, which helps your skin to be healthier. Restores skin elasticity, and softens the touch!


EMS & Microcurrent Efficiency

The Intelligent EMS V Face Massager also uses a special skin-stimulating feature called EMS Vibration. 
These vibrations will help you transform your face into a beautiful and sought-after V shape! 
With regular use, you will get the beautiful face shape everyone wants.

Ergonomic Design

Perfectly fits the contour of the face, the foldable ring shape meets all face shapes, and the length of the headband is adjustable. This instrument uses different intensities of red and blue alternately to make the skin glow and effectively improve facial lines and double chin.


Perfect Skin Care Tool

The Intelligent EMS V Face Massager beauty tool that lifts and shapes your face.
Give your skin and face the pampering it deserves.
Extremely comfortable and elegant design makes it easy to wear anywhere and anytime
Use it while running, working, studying, or even sleeping
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