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Intelligent Neck And Shoulder Pain Reliever Device

Intelligent Neck And Shoulder Pain Reliever Device

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"'s so unlike anything I've ever tried before!"

This Neck Massager is nothing like those big bulky ones that clung around your neck. It's not massively billowed to the point it hinders you from moving around the house or even outside to go for errands and such. Certainly, this one isn't distracting to anyone 'within your proximity' for producing that working device sounds.

But, this Intelligent Neck And Shoulder Pain Reliever Device is the type to give you the convenience taken the extra mile:

it's not bothersome to you or anyone around;

and definitely gives you the results you NEED if you add it to your daily lifestyle.

What It Does

People love this Intelligent Pain Reliever Device, because it instantly relieves:

  • Migraines and tension headache, 
  • Muscle tension and neck pain, as well as
  • Stiff neck that are mostly caused by stress

To give you this results, this neck massager is designed to produce that 'natural relief' where it interrupts the pain signals coming from your brain, so you wouldn't have the achy feeling anymore.

Aside from this, the neck massager is equipped with low-cycle pulse technique that does the penetrating work to open the pain points and meridians, then reduce pain.

Added to that are three (3) Massage Modes: Acupuncture mode, Massage mode, and Tapping mode for a variety of sensations you need. From there you can easily adjust its Strength Levels that varies with up to 15 levels.

This Intelligent Pain Reliever Device is perfect for those who look for: A neck massager that you never have to give any second thought of using.

Never be out-of-place wearing a massager around.

Having this ergonomically designed neck massager is definitely your on-the-go device unlike the others. It has low-profile looking, yet modernly stylish appeal that is undoubtedly ideal for outdoor use. Plus, it gives you the comfort to take it anywhere with you due to its lightweight material.

Now, even wearing a neck massager, you can multitask with it. This might actually help you enjoy leisurely at home. Afterall, it relaxes your body and makes you pain relieved!

The product is designed with Homothermal Hot Pads that acts a hot compress at 42 °C which relaxes blood vessels and muscles, and accelerates blood circulation. It also features an airbag design at both ends to position well enough around your neck.

Smartly, its built-in lithium batteries allows this massager to operate for at least a month-long period and has auto shut-off in 15 minutes which is a great addition to its features. This matches the recommended time of its usage each day.

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