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Multi-function Knee Pain Relief Massager

Multi-function Knee Pain Relief Massager

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Suffering from painful arthritis? Aid it with this Multi--function Knee Pain Relief Massager that simulates massage techniques to deeply reach your knees. This equipment offers multiple options to treat your painful knees whether in the use of infrared, vibration or electric.

To bring a better experience, this equipment features airbags that surround your knees up to its back part with a wrap around bandage. This makes a total massage like the ones you get from a massage therapist.


Airbag Massage: Imitate hands to effectively massage knees. It a very convenient alternative to easily include massage as one of your regimens.

Infrared Hot Compress: With the use of this technology, the knee massager brings immediate relief for your knees with a better circulation. It features 14 temperature selection that provides you wide option to choose from. Make sure to begin with a low temperature first and adjust to more heat to avoid sudden unbearable heat.

Vibration Massage: This technique results to relieve pain, reduce stress and improve circulation. With the use of airbag movements in this machine, it helps stimulate soft tissues in the body and can therefore produce benefits. A slower pace of vibration massage can induce relaxing effects.

EMS Pulse: Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is widely used for different health purposes. One of its common use is for rehabilitation and preventive tool which it performs for this knee massager. It applies electrodes to part of the body that stimulates muscles.

Rechargeable Knee Massager: Bring knee massager anywhere without having to plug it everytime Can change posture during use to avoid stiffness. Can be used when watching video, at work, and during meals, without the hassle of finding the power outlet.
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