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Herbal Pro Refining Peel Off Mask - Remove Blackhead Mask Oil and Peel Off Dead Skin

Herbal Pro Refining Peel Off Mask - Remove Blackhead Mask Oil and Peel Off Dead Skin

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Experience Nature's Revitalizing Power!

Unveil your most radiant and beautiful skin with our Herbal Pro Refining Peel Off Mask. Harnessing the power of natural ingredients, this mask is designed to remove impurities, moisturize, and nourish all skin types. Feel the difference as the velvety soft and deeply cleansed skin emerges, leaving you with a vibrant, refreshed appearance.

Deep Cleansing and Purifying

It has a perfect consistency that spreads evenly on your face, creating a film that gently lifts away dead skin cells, debris, and impurities. After peeling off the mask, you'll experience a thorough cleanse, leaving your skin feeling incredibly soft and purified.

Nourishing and Moisturizing

The unique herbal refining formula of our mask delivers essential nutrients and hydration deep into your skin's layers in just a short time. This intensive nourishment and moisturization not only rejuvenates your skin but also helps improve texture and refines pores, leaving you with a smooth, supple complexion.

Suitable for All Skin Types

Whether you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin, our Herbal Pro Refining Peel Off Mask is designed to provide optimal benefits without causing irritation. Its gentle formulation makes it perfect for full-face use, and it works to whiten, minimize pores, and moisturize your skin for a truly revitalized appearance.


Applicable: General Skin Type:
General Shelf life: 3 years
Net content: 60g
Product ingredients: hyaluronic acid, caramel, etc.
Product effect: Clean pores and remove blackheads.

Package Included:
1* Herbal Pro Refining Peel Off Mask

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